Hotel / Lodging

Hotel accommodations provided through Sport Nation.

Please Contact Kris Wood, 716-507-8480, or visit : 


  • Clarence Soccer Club has blocked hotel and motel rooms for the weekend in close proximity to the tournament fields. Rooms will be available at the published rates.
  • Please do not call the hotels directly.
  • The housing coordinator has negotiated room rates, and she is available throughout the tournament to resolve any issues that may arise. Also, CSC receives some rebates from hotels for the rooms that are booked through our housing coordinator, so it is a win-win for all parties. This is a fundraiser for the CSC and we do appreciate the teams that help us out by booking through our housing coordinator.
  • There is no need to contact the housing coordinator if your team does not require lodging (i.e., you will be commuting to the tournament from home).
  • The tournament committee cannot guarantee when your first (or last) game will be. In addition, all teams should check-in on Friday evening, and all coaches (or their appointed representatives) should be available to receive any last minute schedule or location changes.
  • Thank you.