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Soccer Center Closings

Current Field Status

All fields at the Clarence Soccer Center are open for play.

The weather can change quickly so the coaches and referees will make game time decisions as necessary if the weather becomes an issue during play.

CSC Weather Hotline

Call our CSC Weather Hotline for the latest field closure information

CSC Weather Hotline: (716) 741-2885

Note that due to the speed at which the weather can change, any game-time weather decisions by those coaches, referees, and/or CSC officials at the fields may not be reflected on this page nor on the Hotline.

Inclement Weather Policy

Games will be played in all types of weather conditions.  The coaches from both teams and the game referee should decide together to start or continue the game when the weather gets particularly severe and if a game should be cancelled or abandoned.

Any Lightning or Thunder will automatically require all fields to be cleared immediately - no exceptions.  Our policy is that the fields will remain clear for a full 30 minutes after any Lightning or Thunder before any play can then be resumed.  During this time everyone should remain in their cars or in the clubhouse.

Two blasts of an air-horn from the clubhouse is the signal to clear the fields in the event of Thunder or Lightning.  However, coaches and referees should not rely upon that as the only signal to stop play.  If anyone hears Thunder or sees Lightning, then all fields should be cleared immediately.