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2020-21 Epic Indoor COVID-19 Rules

Visitor Waiver

Players will be required to bring a signed visitor waiver to each training session. NO PLAYERS WILL BE ALLOWED TO ENTER THE EPIC CENTER WITHOUT TURNING IN A SIGNED WAIVER.

It is highly recommended that parents print 20+ copies of this, sign, and place in their child’s bag. This should get through a few months without having to worry about forgetting the visitor waiver.

Entering EPIC/ Check-In

Any individual entering Epic must wear a mask. Players will be required to wear their mask to the field, but will not be required to wear the mask during play. When players enter the Epic Sports Center, they will go through the main doors, then follow the cones to the left and turn in their visitor waiver at the check-in desk. Epic will have staff there to collect the form. After the form is turned in, the players will continue to follow the arrows, and then go to their field. Video provided below for detailed check-in instructions.

Forgot Waiver & NO SPECTATORS

 If a player forgets the visitor waiver, the parent may enter the Epic Center and go to the check-in desk with the child. At the check-in desk, there will be extra copies for parents to sign. However, immediately after signing the document, parents must exit the Epic Center, as they are not permitted to stay.

Parents will NOT be permitted to stay inside the Epic Sports Center during their child’s training. We must stay in compliance with the allotted number of individuals in the Epic Sports Center at one time, and having parents stay would but us over this number.

Go To Field

After players go to check-in, they should immediately go to their training field. There are benches on each side of the fields for players. The player side is where player bags will be lined up, and the benches on the opposite side is where players should be waiting for their session to begin.

Video provided below for detailed instructions.

There are tape lines 6’ apart on benches to ensure that players are maintaining proper social distance. Players should place their items on these marks, and should not be closer than 6’ apart before the session begins or during water breaks.


In between each session, the benches and seating areas will be sanitized. While this is happening, players and coaches will see a red square on the opposite side of the field. Cleaning only takes a couple of minutes. When the cleaning is complete, the red square will be changed to green, indicating that it is safe to walk over to the player side of the field and place bags in the designated taped areas. Here is a picture of the red and green squares, and quick video instructions on how players should wait for the training session. See pictures!

Pictures - Benches & Social Distance


Check-In Procedure (VIDEO)

Go To Field & Waiting (VIDEO)

Additional COVID-19 Guidelines For Training At EPIC


• Players will set up bags/equipment a minimum of 6 ft. from their teammates.  This will be taped off in the Epic Center.

• Players MUST use their own water bottle and will not share any equipment with teammates, coaches, or team managers.

•Clearly mark your name on your water bottle.

•Each player is recommended to bring at least two bottles of water to training to limit the need for refills.

•It is not recommended that players use public water fountains.

• No high fives or handshakes etc.

• When not in the training, players should remain 6 feet apart and/or wear a face mask.

• All players must bring their own soccer ball. There will be no sharing of soccer balls.

• Players should bring personal sanitizing supplies, including face covering and hand sanitizer. Sanitizing materials should be clearly marked and not shared.

• Players should wash their hands before departing for training.



• Parents Conduct a daily temperature check for low grade fever (>100.4) at home before

•If your child has a fever, do not go to training. Consult your physician.

• There are NO spectators allowed at the Epic Center.

• Arrive no sooner than 10 minutes prior to your scheduled practice time to avoid crowds. It is recommended that you wait in your car if you arrive early.

• Any player, coach, or family members showing signs or symptoms of the COVID-19 virus should notify their coach and league officials immediately. Doug Curella, Executive Director of the Clarence Soccer Club, is the point of contact to report symptoms (



• Coaches are expected to ensure that players are 6’ apart prior to training and during water breaks. There will be lines taped off 6’ apart on each field and bench area.

• No sharing of bibs during training sessions.

• If bibs are used during a training session, they must be washed before the next training session.

• Coaches are responsible for set-up/pick-up of all equipment used during training sessions (ex. cones, bibs, ladders, goals, etc.). Players should not handle any of this equipment.

• All equipment used for training (cones, ladders, etc.) must be sanitized after each session.

• Balls utilized for scrimmages need be sanitized before each scrimmage and at half time.

• All coaches, assistant coaches, and team managers should wear facemasks during all soccer activities.

• Encourage players to maintain social distance whenever possible during sessions.

• During water breaks, encourage players to sanitize their hands with hand sanitation they brought individually (no sharing).