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Timbits Rewards for Pre-K & D5

Tim Hortons proudly sponsors the Clarence Soccer Club Division 5 and Little Critters programs.

Thank You Tim Hortons!

Youth Soccer development is a key community initiative for Tim Hortons through its commitment to youth sports and also because restaurant owners live and work in our community. They find sponsoring youth athletics a great way to get to know area families and customers. The Timbit program philosophy is not based on winning or losing – but on learning a new sport, making new friends, and just taking time out to be a kid!

Perks for your little player...Timbits 4 Timbits:

  • Tim Hortons Cafe & Bake Shop will reward your Timbits players with a new delectable treat!
  • Come in to your local Tim Hortons store after your Timbits soccer game for 4 Timbits at no charge – just for being a Timbits soccer player and wearing your uniform!
Program Rules and Regulations:
  • Player must be wearing his or her Timbits soccer jersey.
  • Applicable for in-store visits only (no drive thru).
  • Offer applicable from season start date through season end date.
  • Valid on game days.
  • One package of 4 timbits per player, per game day.