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CSC Travel

2018/19 Clarence Soccer Club Travel Program

The Clarence Soccer Club is happy to announce our preliminary plans for the 2017/18 travel soccer season.  The CSC is a town program that strives to field competitive teams within BWNYJSL and NYSW Thruway League.

The CSC has evolved to become more of  a year round program that also allows our players time for other sports and activities.   The CSC is a home for the player who loves the game of soccer, loves to compete, but most important, loves to have fun. The CSC is also the home for parents that are looking for a great program at an affordable price.

The CSC will be holding tryouts for the 2018/19 season on July 8-9. During these tryouts, evaluators will assess the level of play at each age group and teams will be formed in an effort to promote success in one of the leagues.  Our goal is to have at least 1 team at every age group for boys and girls, but we would love to have 2.

In general, 3 levels of designation will be given to the teams, Black, (Premier, Thruway League) Red/White (BWNYJSL)

Non-residents are welcome to try out and are eligible to be added to the CSC travel rosters.

The CSC has secured enough indoor space at Epic to allow our teams to all have at least 1 training per week indoors November through March.  We will also be holding age specific clinics as well as keeper training.  More info will be released shortly.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please click on the Travel Committee tab on the website. You will see contact information for all of our committee members.  We welcome your questions and feedback.


BLACK/PREMIER Travel Program

Black teams are our highest designation. This is our premier like program at a drastically lower cost than traditional premier programs.  These teams are given more training time and access to our most qualified coaches.   The ability to form Black teams is contingent upon the talent level of players attending our tryouts.  TD and DOC determine feasibility and communicate to parents in team selection process. Players are expected to be primary carded with CSC and can secondary with other clubs if they want more.

  • Black  $650 + Uniform Fee (subject to change)
    • Training: 2/3 times per week
      • Indoor: Nov-April
        • Epic or comparable (2 per week)
        • Gym or comparable (1 per week)
          • Coach, Manager Or Parent Secures Space.
      • Outdoor: May-July
        • CSC (2 per week)
      • Training Blackouts
        • 2 weeks at Christmas
        • Winter and Spring School Break
        • August-October
    • Indoor Tournament/League (1)
    • Outdoor Tournaments: Clarence Classic, 2 TBD
    • Outdoor League:
      • Black teams may play in Thruway league or BWNYJSL . This is determined in Jan/Feb timeframe.
    • Coach (Must have at least USSF “D” License)

RED/WHITE Travel Program $450 + Uniform (subject to change)

Our Red and White programs are more traditional town travel programs.  It is for players that are a level above house or recreational soccer and often are multi sport players.   These teams still have a high level of commitment and access to our training programs. 

  • Red
    • Training: 2 times per week
    • Indoor: Nov-April
      • Epic or comparable (1 per week)
      • Gym or comparable (1 per week/Optional)
    • Outdoor: May-July
      • CSC (1/2 per week)
    • Outdoor Tournaments:  (3) Two WNY, Clarence Classic.
    • Outdoor League: BWNYJSL
    • Coach: Parent or Non-parent (USSF F License or higher)
  • White
    • Training: 1/2 times per week
      • Indoor: Nov-March (1 per week Epic, School Gym additional time optional)
      • Outdoor: April-July
      • Training Blackouts
        • 2 weeks at Christmas
        • Winter and Spring School Break
        • August-October
    • Outdoor Tournaments:  (3)Two WNY, Clarence Classic
    • Outdoor League: BWNYJSL
    • Coach: Parent/Non-Parent (USSF F License or higher)

Clarence Soccer Travel Try-outs 2018/2019

Clarence Soccer Club Travel Tryout Registration Is Now Open (2018/19 season)

Dates: Saturday July 7, 2018 and Sunday, July 8, 2018

Where:  Clarence Soccer Center, 10000 Clarence Center Rd, Clarence Center, NY

Players are encouraged to attend both days of tryouts if avaliable. For U11-U19 there is a $25 non-refundable fee.  This will be deducted from your registration fee if you are rostered on a CSC team for the 2018/19 season.

For U8 - U10 there is no fee.

**See Birth Date Range Table at the bottom of this page

Saturday, July 7

Boys and Girls U8-U10                           9:00-10:00am

Boys and Girls U11-U12                         10:30-11:30am

Boys and Girls U13-U14                         12:00-1:00pm

Boys and Girls U15-U16                         2:00-3:00pm

Boys and Girls U17-U19                         3:30-4:30pm


Sunday, July 8

Boys and Girls U8-U10                           10:30-11:30am

Boys and Girls U11-U12                         12:00-1:00pm

Boys and Girls U13-U14                         2:00-3:00pm

Boys and Girls U15-U16                         3:30-4:30pm

Boys and Girls U17-U19                         5:00-6:00pm


2018/19 Season Birth Year for Age groups

U08: 2011 (listed as U10 on Registration)

U09: 2010  (listed as U10 on Registration)

U10: 2009   U11: 2008

U12: 2007    U13: 2006

U14: 2005    U15: 2004

U16: 2003    U17: 2002

U18: 2001    U19: 2000