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Division 6 - Rosters and Schedule


Division 6 has a unique format.  We play an earlier summer season so that it ends before the start of school.  Games are usually Saturday mornings.  Because of the smaller number of players in this division, games tend to be less structured and have more of a pickup game type feel to them.  Be ready to have the teams swapped around week to week to keep things competitive, but most importantly, come ready to have fun playing soccer!

Proposed 2019 Season Schedule

CSC House League Soccer
2019 Schedule - Division 6
Day Month Date Start Time Field
Sat July 6 10:00 AM Clarence High School Multi-use Turf Field
Mon   15 6:00pm* CSC 1
Sat   20 10:00 AM CSC 5 (if field is ready by then)
Sat   27 10:00 AM CSC 5
Sat August 3 10:00 AM CSC 5
Sat   10 10:00 AM CSC 5
Sat   17 10:00 AM CSC 5
Sat   24 10:00 AM CSC 5
      *moved to Monday due to Clarence Classic on this weekend